Different Types of Carpet

In order to truly make a house a home, you must decorate and compliment it with the best accessories, like large rugs. Everything from the drapes to the carpet require a lot of consideration, because you don’t want to regret your final decisions. There are a lot of choices available when it comes to carpet and one of them is better suited for your particular needs.

Berber Carpet

This particular variety of carpet is low profile and relatively soft to the touch. While Berber isn’t the texture someone would want to roll around on, it is the most affordable texture making it the perfect option for a modest budget. Berber will cushion bare feet but walking on it for prolonged periods may eventually cause soreness at the points of contact. Berber is the most resilient texture of carpet available, and many people have installed in offices or businesses where no one will walk without shoes. However, this texture may be all you can afford if you’re moving into your first home, and it’ll keep the house warmer than tile or hardwood. It’s also more comfortable to your feet than any hardwood surface so it’s still an excellent choice.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony is the softest texture of carpet available and it is typically the most expensive. Unfortunately, this texture is also the most susceptible to damage from foot traffic. Anyone who invests in Saxony carpet will have to replace it far more often than the other textures. However, this texture is so soft and supple, that provides more comfort than many bargain mattresses. This is a great option for very low traffic areas of the home or anywhere that people will walk without footwear. Saxony is typically made from cotton or linen, but there are some companies that manufacture it from silk. However, you’ll have to pay a hefty price for any carpet made from this natural material.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze is sometimes mistaken for Saxony (plush) carpet. While it isn’t quite as luxurious, it is extremely soft to the touch, cradling bare feet in sheer comfort. This is a nice option for people looking for a soft texture that can stand up to occasional foot traffic. Most expensive hotels and exquisite suites will feature frieze because it’s the ideal combination of luxury and durability. Many people will even place area rugs over the carpet in places where guests are expected to congregate. This texture is also known as shag carpet and it may be the best all-around option for anyone in need of comfortable flooring, other than maybe hallway runners sydney. However, you may want to consider Berber if you’re going to have a lot of guests walking through your home.

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Textured Plush

This the most versatile option which is why people commonly refer to it as whole house carpet. Textured plush is softer than Berber yet it’s still relatively durable. This option is also affordable while still having enough cushion to comfort bare feet. Textured Plush shouldn’t be confused with Saxony carpet, which is very similar to it. You have to consider a lot of factors when deciding on carpet and you may need different textures for different rooms.